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NYS Bottle & Can Redemption

NYS Bottle & Can Redemption Center | Bottle Deposit | Can Deposit

Make Shulman Co. Your One-Stop Recycling Center

NYS Bottle & Can Redemption Center


Are you tired of waiting in line, feeding bottles through a machine one by one and ending up with sticky hands when returning your recyclable bottle and cans? Well, now you don't have to worry about any of that. With our new bottle and can redemption center on premise we do all the work. All you do is bring us a bag full of redeemable items and our machine does the sorting and counting. You walk away with cash. No waiting, just quick and easy cash return every time!


A redemption bottle can go from a recycling bin to a store shelf in as little as 30 days. Redemption bottles can also be recycled endlessly. Bring your redemption bottles to us, using our fast, efficient redemption services.


Using our efficient redemption service, we accept redeemable plastic and glass bottles, and aluminum cans.

NYS Bottle & Can Redemption Center | Bottle Deposit | Can Deposit

Open 7 Days A Week

Redeem your NYS bottles and cans, and all of your recyclables, at a time that works best for you. Maybe that's after a party or celebration, a garage clean out, or a fundraising drive. No matter the time or reason, Shulman Co., Inc. is open to quickly get you in and out with cash in hand.
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