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Waste Paper Recycling

Waste Paper Recycling | Recycle Waste Paper | Reuse & Recycle Waste Paper

Shulman Company Recycles Your Waste Paper

Waste Paper Recycling


Did you know that over 75% of waste is recyclable, but only about 30% of it is actually recycled?  Do your part and increase the amount of waste recycled be bringing your waste paper to us today!

It takes around up to 50% less energy to recycle and reuse paper than make paper from trees. That's why it's so important to do your part and recycle your waste paper. It's actually not a waste at all! Traditional office paper (we're looking at you junk mail) can be used as paper towels, toilet paper, tissue paper and so much more after recycling. Corrugated cardboard can be recycled and reused for cereal boxes, and new paperboard packaging. 

Paper can recycled 5-7 times (WOW!) before the fibers get too small to be reused. Still, it's important we think about the lifetime of paper, rather than single-use disposal.

Waste Paper Recycling | Cardboard Recycling | Paper Recycling Shulman Co.

Recycle With Shulman Co.

Shulman pays top dollar for recyclable materials including Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Batteries, Brass, Waste Paper, and more!

First time at Shulman Co. recycling?  Let us guide you. Once you are in the yard, look for signs directing you where to line up your vehicle. When it’s your turn, pull your vehicle up to be weighed.  While being weighed, ask the scale house operator for further directions.  After offloading material and weighing in again, sign the ticket, collect your receipt and your cash!

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